Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man

In today's Pajamas Media, Dr. Helen asks why can't a woman be more like a man in terms of carrying a only a wallet instead of a giant handbag. How do men do it? One way of course it the amount of pockets provided in men's clothing. On this she quotes law professor and blogger Ann Althouse :

I used to view clothing manufacturers as anti-feminist because they gave men pockets but denied them to women. Even when they gave us pockets, they were often shallow and slanted — designed for the elegant placement of a hand, perhaps. The clothing manufacturers were part of the elaborate system designed to oppress women. I’m still a little irked about it!

Dr. Helen replies:

Well, getting irked at the clothing manufacturers or even the “patriarchy” because there are few pockets in women’s pants is rather silly, though I understand the sentiment. But it is the women themselves who are slaves to fashion. Don’t believe me? Try going to the opening of a local Sephora (a make-up store, for those of you who aren’t “in the know”) and watch the parade of women swoon and swarm through the store as if they are on a drug-induced high. Then take a look at the puzzled faces of the men or boys they’ve dragged to the place while they watch the mysterious behavior of these women who are practically foaming at the mouth about make-up and tell me that this fashion — along with a lust for purses — is anything but the desire of the women themselves doing the longing. Many women don’t want pockets for the same reason that they wear make-up. They think it makes them look good and they want to impress — mainly — other women. But enough of this.

I suppose that pockets large enough to actually hold credit cards, keys, cellphone, ipod, lipgloss, change, etc. could be designed into women's fashions but would women really like the added bulk in the silhouette? I doubt it.

Still, there must be some sort of middle ground between clothes with bulging pockets and carrying the latest and soon to be sold out 'it' bag like this Gucci Python number for $3990, measuring 17" by 14" from Saks Fifth Avenue.
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