Monday, April 14, 2008

Today's Trend versus Enduring Value

Costume Jewelry vs Estate Jewelry

Snakes have been a common motif in jewelry dating back to the Georgian Period. Here are two snake bangles: the first from Roberto Cavalli from Net a Porter in an unspecified material for $350 and the second a genuine antique Victorian bangle set with sapphires and old cut diamonds in silver and gold from Beladora for $4850.

I know what you're thinking....why invest $4850 (!!!) when you can get the look for less?

Well here's why, the antique bangle has lasted for well over 100 years and will continue to be wearable for another 100 years or so. It was made by hand and set with stones that were cut before the invention of the diamond saw. It is not only chic, it is wearable history. Estate jewelry is basically a collection that you can wear.

The new factory made costume bangle might last through the next season....maybe. Costume jewelry is a throw away product with little lasting value.
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