Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Max Mosley and More Fun and Games from the Brits

No matter how amusing our home grown sex scandals seem with Eliot Spitzer of the $80,000 hooker habit and Jim McGreevey and his threesomes, we've got nothing on the bawdy Brits. has reported on Max Mosley, son of the Pro Nazi Fascist Party leader, and current head of British Formula One Racing, has apparently been caught on tape enjoying a S&M Nazi fantasy with nimble Naziettes.

It seems that after the fun and games he enjoyed a cup of tea with the girls. Oh how British.
Oh Eliot, you and your "socks on sex" with a Jersey Girl is so simple minded compared to the bum slapping fun and games (complete with Nazi uniforms!) of Max Mosley.

And here's the money quote.

While the Nazi concept is not unusual in sadomasochistic circles, playing both sides in such a kinky ritual is unusual, say sex experts.

Sounds to me like just another way of "going both ways".

Of course I never would have found this article but for the Advice Goddess herself, Amy Alkon. I don't always agree with what Amy writes, but her blog is always interesting.
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