Monday, April 21, 2008

Going Green for Earth Day 2008

Since tomorrow is Earth Day I thought that I would go Green.

An important part of going green is recycling and that's why I'm all about buying vintage, especially estate jewelry like this pendant and ring by Grima from

Add to that this wonderful snake bag from vintage skins. God knows that when a snake, alligator or crocodile has given its life for fashion, it should be appreciated for a long, long time.
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Ms Robinson said...

I like your fashion posts and I think that you should do more of them..and then you can let people see your authority. Maybe also suggest what people can wear with the pieces. Remember, most of the world is clueless.

Belle de Ville said...

OK Ms Robinson, I'll try to stay away from Nanotechnology, Chaos Theory and things that I really don't know much about but am fascinated by.

There is so much great shopping online today. The choices are endless. And given so many choices shopping online becomes tedious and time consuming.

I will try to stick to showing fashion and of course the bling...because baby, it's all about the bling.
And...I really am an authority on that!

stephanie said...

Hey! I think you should keep your other posts in. Yeah, you're fashion finds are wonderful (and always have been) but there's more to life than fashion, and fashion is a reflection of the world we live in (hence, 1940's military-themed jewelry, 60's space-age inspired jewelry and mod clothing).
The current culture and its clothing and jewelry are intrinsically linked and inseparable.
Keep up the good work!

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