Monday, March 17, 2008

Vintage Value Venture - Amethyst for Spring

Since the color of the season seems to be purple...I've got some new Vintage Value Ventures for you. From the incredible Vintage Skins website I'm so loving this J. Renee snakeskin bag at $225 with some incredible amethyst jewelry from the value priced vintage jewelry website and this Prada shoe from (Please note that while I adore the shoes at $448.00, the Amethyst earrings at $535 will outlast the shoes.)

I just want to say something more here about value, which I'm all about. Look at what a mediocre handbag costs at Saks, Neimans or wherever. Now compare that to a lizard skin bag from Vintage skins which would be hundreds of dollars less, and will last forever.

This is also why I only invest in fine jewelry (at discount prices of course) because it doesn't degrade and it will last long enough for you to leave to your grand daughter. Costume or as they call it now "fashion" jewelry falls apart and then what do you have...nothing. A gold ring can be sized smaller or larger.

A beautiful brooch can be made into a pendant, to suit your taste and current fashion...and then it can be converted back into a brooch. I love Georgian and Victorian jewelry, and classic signed pieces by Webb, Van Cleef and Cartier and the other great jewelers. It stands the test of time and justifies your investment in terms of a cost per wear value.

This is what this blog is all about. I'm not pro consumption for the sake of consumption. I am pro Value in terms of how you spend your hard earned money.
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