Sunday, March 23, 2008

Style Advice from Books or Common Sense from Moi

Christina Brinkley, fashion reporter for the Wall Street Journal, wrote and article Does This Book Make Me Look Chic on the plethora of fashion and style advice books. Since most of us can't afford a personal stylist like Rachel Zoe, an investment in How Not to Look Old and Harper's Bizarre Great Style might be just what we need.
While I can't write a book on the fact I can barely write this blog....I do have a few style tips of my own.
1. Have your ready to wear clothes altered by an expert tailor so that they fit you like couture.
2. Wear high heals...the higher the better
3. Do yoga 3 times a week for posture and toning, then stand up straight
4. When given the opportunity always take the stairs and walk whenever possible
5. Follow the 3 color rule, or better yet 1 color with high quality accessories
6. Don't eat white foods except for fish
7. Have sex as often as possible for flexibility, toning and aerobic exercise
8. Try on enough pairs of jeans until you find the perfect fit, then buy several pairs
9. Don't buy just a single item of clothing that doesn't match anything, buy an entire outfit
10. Emphasize your best features by wearing the silhouette that is the most flattering
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