Monday, March 31, 2008

Prada 2007 Net Profits up 65.8%

I don't know but I just don't get it... Prada's net profits were up 65.8% for 2007 as reported by WWD.
Apparently everyone else in the world is buying these products in order for the Italian Mega Design House to have such strong profits. And how very important these numbers are with an IPO scheduled for this year.

Sometimes I love the line, but this shapeless dress ($730) and "Virginia Woolf on an Acid Trip" fantasy shoes, both with a bit of a 1920's aesthetic from Neiman Marcus just aren't on my list of must haves.

Of course there are other brands that contribute to the huge profits; Church's Shoes and Miu Miu which I find to be a just little trop precieux.
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