Friday, March 14, 2008

Governor Eliot Spitzer's Golden Girl

Now that all the details have come out about call girl Kirstin (aka Ashley Dupre), who is going to cash out of this whole situation big, (as if she wasn't making enough already at $1000 per hour) I thought that I'd make some shopping suggestions for her. After all, this is a girl who moved out of her family home after she crashed the Porsche and her parents wouldn't buy her a new one.

Go for the Gold can afford it.

Since we all know that she, like all other hookers, has a heart of gold, let's stay on that theme with a Zagliani gold python handbag for $3385 and gold water snake shoes from Jimmy Choo for $920, both from Saks Fifth Avenue. Of course what look would be complete with out a little something from How about a coiled gold bangle bracelet.
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