Thursday, March 27, 2008

24K Skin Treatment - Stupendously Stupid

And while gold is trading near record highs....

Some people will believe anything. Seriously.

From the Daily Mail.

But a beauty company has promised that the precious metal - which it is using in a facial - has many benefits, leaving customers looking younger and banishing their wrinkles.
The Luxe 24 Karat Gold Facial uses the highest grade of gold leaf in an 80-minute procedure which costs £180. The flakes of gold leaf are laid on the face, before being massaged in.

Anyone who is so gullible as to believe that smearing their face in gold will make them look younger deserves to be robbed of the 180 pounds.
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Anonymous said...

Awful. I hope this doesn't catch on. So bad.

Belle de Ville said...

Musette, unfortunately women believe just about anything that claims to give them a younger appearance.
And the beuty industry is always looking for another BS product to $ell. It's always all about the $$$

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