Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New York Magazine's Fall Fashion Trends

Everyday I'm faced with so much to blog and so little time.
While it looks like I'm destined to be a weekend only blogger I just couldn't not take the time today to list the 10 most important trends coming out of New York Fashion Week.
I mean how would we live without this necessary information!

1. Slimmed down Silhouette.

Thank God we can finally get rid of those floaty dresses that make us look 4 months pregnant!

2. Tweed.

Excellent...there's nothing like a little Horse and Hounds look for Fall.
And with the extremely cold weather we've had this winter, some warm tweeds will be practical.

3. Oversize Chunky Knit Sweaters.

Uh oh....what happened to the slimmed down silhouette?

4. Pants...and not just pencil jeans.

Once again, excellent. It will be nice to have some comfortable trousers to wear again.

5. Visible Zippers.

This is so bad that no comment is needed.

6. Hats.

While totally impractical I love this trend. Note my remarks about the Tricorne hats at the Marc Jacobs show. I love them.

And...with everone worrying about sun damage and slathering on the SPF 40, why not provide your own shade by wearing a hat?

Or in sub zero weather, there is nothing so practical as a hat.

7. Navy and Black.

This is a classy pair...and it suits my existing wardrobe.

Plus, Navy and Black are perfect background colors for beautiful jewelry!

8. Heels with more subtle Platforms.

Perfect. High heels without platforms are gorgeous but so difficult to wear...iespecially f you actually have any amount of walking to do. A bit of a platform makes wearing heels so much more comfortable.

9. Sequins.

This is so wrong unless used in moderation. Unless subtly incorporated into the design, sequins, beading and other accessorizing generally clashes with jewelry and tends to have a seriously cheap look.

and if that wasn't enough...

10. Feathers.

Oh please, do we really need to channel our inner Zsa Zsa Gabor?
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