Monday, February 25, 2008

80th Annual Academy Awards

I tried my hardest to get out of watching last nights 80th Annual Academy Awards but I got sucked into to vortex as usual. John Stewart was flat and the entire show was boring. The best part of the show will be reading the Fug Girls take on the red carpet!

Perhaps I would have enjoyed the program more if I had bothered to see any of the movies...but I just couldn't find the time. Maybe now I will take the time to see Juno, There Will be Blood and No Country for Old Men.

What was up with all of the one shoulder gowns this year? And the red? Nicole Kidman was gorgeous, as always, and blew away everyone else with that 1399 carat L'Wren Scott diamond sautoir necklace. I don't know what that ridiculous accessorie was on Rebecca Miller's dress but she needs to take a few lessons from Nicole Kidman in how to accessorize. Cameron Diaz looked stoned, but then she always kinda looks that way. Maybe she was just nervous because she was surrounded by the serious talent... Helen Mirren and Julie Christie, who both looked amazing. I don't know what Tilda Swinton was wearing but it was beyond ugly....oh and Tilda, we know how distasteful you find coming to the United States so please do us a favor, and don't come back.

And, can anyone explain to me what's up with the man earrings? Is it an Irish thing? Both Daniel Day Lewis and Colin Farrell were sporting full on hoop earrings in both ears. That is the most unattractive trend in male jewelry since the heavy gold chain of the 1970's. Can you guys please check in with The Sarorialist to get some fashion tips.

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