Friday, October 1, 2010

October Already

All of the sudden time seems like it is speeding up as if the whole time space continuum has gone into warp speed.

October already, the dreaded month harboring colder weather and worse an upcoming birthday.
With October the Fall social season has gone into full swing as well with an event scheduled almost every other day, luncheons, dinners, gallery openings, lectures, concerts...and the list of events continues until the Holidays.
I was hoping for a trip to Europe this month, but that is out of the question.  Even November now is too booked for travel.

I'm out of breath, not physically but mentally, feeling that I can't keep up with even the most basic tasks including reading all of your blogs and posting here on BHB. I can't keep up with my email, business or personal, or even clean my desk, there are papers and post it notes and notebooks and random pieces of jewelry all over the place.

It distresses me how unorganized my life is next to other bloggers, like Faux Fuchsia who manages to have a day job, work in her garden, paint her nails and whip out a gourmet dinner all in one day. Or, Jill who can decorate an entire hours, take a master gardener's class, read a book, walk her dogs, and give a dinner party all on the same day while keeping up with her blogging. It exhausts me just thinking about how much they accomplish.

Maybe my new super computer, which hopefully should be ready to go next week, will speed up my basic online tasks, and make my day more efficient.  Hopefully is the key word here. 
We shall see...

To everyone who follows and  reads BHB, thank you.  I appreciate it. 
I'll try to keep the ranting down in the future.
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Laguna Beach Fogey said...

KTF! You're doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

When's your birthday? It's my mum's on the 21st, I'm just organising a weekend away for us in exotic - Edinburgh at The Balmoral! At 88, going more than 15 minutes away is a trip.

This year has whizzed by hasn't it? It's scary.
Yours is the thinking woman's blog - keep up the good work!

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